Kenneth Howorth GM

Kenneth Howorth GM
26th October 1981
49 years old

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On 26th October 1981, police received warnings that bombs on a busy shopping street in central London would explode within 30 minutes. A booby-trapped improvised explosive device (IED), planted by the IRA, was discovered in the basement toilet of a Wimpy burger restaurant in Oxford Street. While attempting to defuse the bomb, Kenneth Howorth GM was killed instantly when it detonated.

Kenneth Howorth GM

Memorial – Unveiled 29th June 2018 at Oxford Street, London

Unveiling Photos – 29th June 2018 at Oxford Street, London

Ceremony Programme

Kenneth Howorth GM Memorial Programme 1
Kenneth Howorth GM Memorial Programme 2
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Location Map

Kenneth Howorth GM Memorial Plaque can be found on the third column of the first shop to the left side of Adam & Eve Court at its junction with Oxford Street, London.

Geraldine Winner and police officer looking at Kenneth Howorth GM's Memorial
Kenneth Howorth GM Memorial Location marker
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