Michael Winner Memorial Service

Held at the National Police Memorial

Michael Winner requested that upon his death there should be a celebration of his life at the National Police Memorial, where over three hundred members of his family and friends attended the day to celebrate his life and his work with The Police Memorial Trust and his support of the Police.

1935 – 2013

Michael Winner
Michael Winner

Michael Winner Memorial Video

Memorial Programme

Michael Winner Memorial Programme June 23rd 2013

Memorial Service Gallery

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Michael Winner Portrait 15-12-2016

The Metropolitan Police Service has become the grateful recipient of a donated portrait of Michael Winner by the Police Memorial Trust.

In a ceremony attended by the Commissioner, Chief Superintendent Penny Banham on Thursday, 15th December, the portrait was handed over by the Police Memorial Trust to commemorate Mr Winner’s commitment and services to the MPS in honoring the memory of fallen officers.

Mr Winner was the chairman and founder of the Police Memorial trust, a charitable organisation that began in 1984. He is succeeded by his wife, Geraldine Winner, who presented the portrait to the Commissioner in her role as chairman of the Trust.

Mrs Winner was accompanied to this presentation by board members of the Trust.

The portrait will be hung in a dedicated conference room named after Mr Winner at Hendon.

Portrait by Peter Edwards

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The Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe presenting a Baton of Honour to Geraldine Winner, normally only given to top students at The Training School.

The Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe presenting a Baton of Honour to Geraldine Winner

This is a very rare honour to be presented with one of these. It was given to Geraldine in recognition of the work of the late Michael Winner for forming The Police Memorial Trust. The last non Police officer to receive this honour was Prince Harry.

The Michael Winner portrait plaque presented to The Metropolitan Police new training school at Hendon.
michael winner memorial plaque
Michael Winner at the National Police Memorial

Michael at the National Police Memorial